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Children's Chelsea DSW Side Chair (White)

Children's DSW - White (1)

by Laura Davidson

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The children's molded plastic chair has a white matte finish, polypropylene plastic seat with maple-finished wooden legs and plastic floor protectors.

100% Polypropylene Seats

Just like the original, our replicas are produced using 100% polypropylene plastic with a matte textured finish. Much stronger than the ABS plastic seats of mass-production competitors.

Superior Hardware

Only our Chelsea chairs feature superior thread locking hardware that secures the seat to the base. Cheaper versions use inferior screws that vibrate loose, so you’re constantly tightening your chairs every week.

Ultra Strong Base

The Chelsea DSW bases use strengthened steel cross braces that are rated to support over 275 lbs. Our durable beechwood legs are available in natural, walnut, or black finishes.

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